Thursday, 13 December 2012

Day 19: Open-Ended Questions for Mathsmas

I recently used a lot of open-ended questions when teaching measurement to year 7. My favourite question ideas were from "Open-ended Maths activities" by Sullivan and Lilburn and I reviewed a couple of those ideas in this post.

Some Mathsmas ideas:
  • What gift could you fit in this box? This stocking?
  • If this stocking contained 10 presents, what size might they be?
  • Draw a (reindeer/santa/elf/present/stocking/wreath) with an (area/perimeter) of x units.
  • Make a Christmas design that is three-quarters red and one quarter green (use grid or isometric paper or pattern blocks)
  • My friend and I ate all of a Christmas cake which was cut into 8 equal pieces. What fraction of the cake might each of us have eaten?
  • Advent number of the day - use today's date or 25 for Christmas and ask students to write as many questions as they can think of with that number as the answer
  • Two presents have the same volume but different mass. What could they be?
  • What methods could you use to try to determine what is in a present without opening it?
  • I used 1 metre of ribbon to wrap a present in the shape of a rectangular prism. What might the dimensions of the present be?
  • I have 1 square metre of wrapping paper. What size presents could I wrap with it?
  • Draw a Christmas design that has four lines of symmetry.
  • Draw a Christmas design that has rotational symmetry.
What else would you add to this list?

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