Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Day 17: Christmas nets

Nets are great fun, and this year I'm starting to discover the abundance that are out there in the papercraft world.

We start with the very simple at Kidzone (which also has a bunch of other Christmas worksheets). They have a cube, rectangular prisms and a triangular pyramid/tetrahedron. You can print them in colour or in black and white and let the students colour them.

Then we can move on in difficulty and prettiness, although these ones are all meant to be printed in colour. There's this adorable December 2012 snowman desk calendar (all of these calendars are incredibly awesome, I'll have to start keeping an eye on this site). I liked it so much I enlarged it (manually, which is why it sits all wonky). I'm crossing off the days until the last one!

I'd love to use some of their ideas to make a big calendar for each term next year. Their Nutcracker from last December is awesome too.

I haven't tried these ones yet but I'm keen to. There are some crazy Japanese monkey things complete with presents, sleigh and tree plus lots of elves plus Santa, reindeer, sleigh and tree at this site.

I also discovered a nice paper toy creator at PaperCritters where you can draw and add features to the different views of your creature then print out the net. Here's the test one I made. Maybe get kids to make a Christmas character.

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