Saturday, 8 December 2012

Day 14: Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes. A Mathsmas essential. My snowflake-making craft has improved significantly since the advent of Mathsmas. Largely through lessons learnt from "Make your own paper snowflakes", which I bought as a gift for a colleague then shamelessly borrowed and used extensively. Did you know they are supposed to be hexagon-based? You probably did. I didn't.

So I did a worksheet all those years ago with a cloze passage, some facts, symmetry, and folding based on working out the angle to fold it on. Here it is.

Of course there are other cool snowflakes to make, like these twisty paper ones. For me, the little snips and cuts and experimentation of the traditional ones has a certain feel to it.


  1. And, you can also make digital ones...

    1. That is incredibly cool! There are some amazing snowflakes on there. I should have checked mathslinks first!!

  2. Just read a book review which shows a suggested activity to make a giant newspaper snowflake.
    Might have to try this with a class!