Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Net Animals/Characters

Ever since I made Angry Birds with year 10 and put them up at the front of the room, my year 7s have been asking about them.

"Do we get to make Angry Birds?"
"When do we get to make Angry Birds?"
"When are we doing shapes?"

Then, every lesson after starting Shapes...
"Are we making the Angry Birds this lesson?"

So we made Angry Birds. And for homework, they had to take a net home and turn it into an animal or character. Here are a few cute ones:

A pentagonal pyramid echidna (a bit squished):

Some mice:

An octahedral fish:

And the amazing SpongeBob Squarepants net:


  1. Spongebob was a very creative idea - an actually square/rectangular 'animal'.

    1. And he just did such a good job of it - and left it as a net, which means I can scan it and add it to my resources :)