Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Some foldables

I've had a pdf about different foldables to use in Maths for a really long time, waiting in a large "To Do" pile, and recent blog and Pinterest readings have inspired me further. So I've had a go at it a few times. Here is the only one I have a picture of so far:

I put the index law name and question type on the front then the rule inside with an example, so they can work like flashcards. I love seeing the students go back and check these as we do questions.

Explaining where to write everything was probably the hardest part!

This one is by a student who rarely does their work, but asked me to keep this in my folder for them because they didn't have their book that day and thought it would get ruined in their bag. So that was a nice bonus! Hopefully she brings her book sometime and actually glues it in!

There will be lots more to come when I collect some books and take some more photos.

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