Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Multiples Pig

When I was at high school, we played a lot of card games. A lot. All the time.

Pig was one I had forgotten about, until I was reintroduced to it by some students as Spoons. A good description of the game can be found here.

In Pig the aim is to get four of a kind. In Multiples Pig, the aim is to get 4 numbers that are all multiples of the same number (not including one, and I usually disallow twos as well).

All you need are some number cards. Here are some that go from 3 to 50 that work quite well:

My basic summary of the rules:
  • Players sit in a circle
  • Deal 4 cards to each player
  • The rest of the deck is to the right of one player
  • That player picks up from the deck then discards to their left
  •  The next player picks up from those discards and discards to their left and so on. So each player picks up from their right, discards to their left.
  • There are no 'turns', play continues as quickly as the players can play
  • The first player to create a hand of 4 multiples puts their hand on their nose
  • Anyone who notices this can also put their hand on their nose
  • The last player to put their hand on their nose 'loses' (loses a life, gets a letter of the word pig, etc.)
  • Shuffle, deal and play again!

The best part of pig is the subtle silent waiting for the last person to notice!


  1. I want that pig!

    I remember this game with playing cards - what a great idea making it into a learning game.

    1. Thank you!

      I have plans to make some other versions too if I can.