Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Teaching and Pinterest

I've recently become addicted to Pinterest. For crafts and cooking and similar things, it is incredibly good for getting lots of ideas quickly. For teaching I feel that as a very visual sharing method, it isn't as obvious, but I'm still keeping an eye out. A lot of things under Education (if they relate to education at all) are just titles linking to "40 great teaching ideas" or something, and frankly, if I wanted to read, I wouldn't be on Pinterest. Searching for "math(s) teaching" or "classroom decoration" or other more specific things is better.

Things I have found pinterest useful for:

Maths jokes/comics

Inspirational quotes (now that I have Stitch to do this job, I need lots of quotes)

Lower level numeracy ideas such as pairs to ten (primary school teachers are great at colourful fun stuff)

And a few other fun ideas.

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