Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Paddlepop Stick Angles

I was inspired by a pin of a poster of angle types made from paddle-pop sticks.

Rather than making a poster each I decided to finally make some use of the string across my room. So they made one definition each and I made a title.

This was done in our first double-period on this topic, which was spent mostly reviewing types of angles, learning naming conventions for angles, and estimating and measuring angles. Oh and complimentary and supplementary angles. It was a busy time. We will probably add more diagrams when we do angles in parallel lines.

Thoughts for next time:
  • Leave more time. Craft always takes longer than I think!
  • Have more glue. It is hard to share around two glue bottles among 20 kids.
  • Punch holes in card first, so the holes don't go through their writing.
  • Do a demonstration one, largely to point out what size to write so that it is visible.
  • Check spelling!

Another Pin down!!

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