Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Mathsmas Advent

Get ready for a Mathsmas Teaching Advent Calendar! Prepare for 24 days of maths teaching ideas for the holiday season. I'm starting before December so there's time to get in the 24 days before the end of the Australian school year.

Let me quickly tell you the story of Mathsmas.

Once upon a time, I graduated as a TAS (technology and applied studies) teacher, and accepted a temporary part-time position as a maths teacher instead. An old school friend and I started teaching together at the same school that year (she was a visual arts teacher and had just retrained as a maths teacher). Christmas started to come around and I naturally started to decorate and come up with Christmas ideas.

Mathsmas was born.

Then somehow the two of us ended up in a classroom decorating competition that led to all sorts of crazy goings-on and the use of a lot of coloured paper. In the following years we have stopped competing, but Mathsmas lives on in a variety of classroom activities and decorations.

Over the rest of the school year I'm going to share with you my Mathsmas resources and ideas, as well as links to my favourites from other places.

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