Sunday, 30 September 2012

A Shapes Puppet Show

I was browsing through MathsLinks and got a bit of inspiration from this little Sesame Street clip:

I love the little triangle muppet. It made me think that my year 7 class (who are a very creative bunch) could write a little puppet show about shapes, make some puppets, and maybe perform it for some of our local primary school kids.

I decided to make a demo puppet to show them my idea. Here he is:

More about making him on my craft blog, Jupiter Hollow.

The kids are really keen on the idea and we have brainstormed a lot of possibilities, most of which include a lot of puns. I've roped in their music teacher to help with the music side of things, and they have lots of ideas for songs.

We've also started making puppets. For the kids, we started with cardboard and made nets, which we are then going to cover with fabric. Here's one that I did, I call him "Tetrahedron Puppy".

More photos and info to come as the project proceeds.

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