Thursday, 22 March 2012

Pi Week

Pi day: so good you have to celebrate all week!

This is the first time we've celebrated pi day at my school and it seems to have been a big success. I made a video slideshow of various images from the internet (pies, PhotoShopped pi images, t-shirts etc) with some pi songs (including Mathematical Pi, Lose Yourself in the Digits, Pi by Kate Bush, and Pi Day). We played this to a few classes and asked them to brainstorm ideas. Here are my year 7s ideas:

In the end we had a couple of major events and lots of little things in-class. Classes used Pimon to memorise digits, made posters, and threw a fake plush pie and recorded the results in a table and graph (they were revising for a test on data). My year 7s also were given a homework to do something pi themed. Some solved this old Pi Day Sudoku, one student made a soft toy pi symbol (I made a couple too!), one wrote a rap, some did pictures which are now adorning the classroom wall, including one on canvas!

 The fake pie was thrown 3.14 metres in the playground at recess and lunch to win a prize. This is the pie, which we happened upon in a toy shop!

Two classes made and decorated pies with the help of the TAS faculty and on Friday we had a huge pie sale for charity (raising over $700). Our Statistician (thanks to the CSIRO and their "Mathematicians in Schools") and the manager of a local pie shop were guest judges along with the principal. Here are some pies in the making:

I tried to make pi-shaped cookies, with only mild success. Here they are in varied states of evolution:

Looking forward to even more chaos and fun next year!

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